Scholar Baller® Overview
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Bringing education to sport and entertainment since 1995
Mission and Vision


To inspire youth and young adults to develop leadership skills and to excel in education and life by using their cultural interests in sport and entertainment


To systematically recognize and reward all student-athletes who excel academically in order to further their academic and personal development

The Curriculum

The Scholar-Baller® Curriculum provides student-athletes, students, teachers, coaches, advisors, and administrators a tool that is unique, thoroughly researched, user-friendly, and culturally relevant to the youth and young adults

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Academic Performance Items™

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Academic performance recognition incentives include official Scholar-Baller® jersey patches, helmet stickers, plaques and various apparel items.  Each year over 1,000 student-athletes are individually recognized by Scholar-Baller® for their academic performance

ThinkMan® and ThinkWoman®

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The ThinkMan® and ThinkWoman® logos are iconic symbols that stand for the hard work student-athletes give to their game and to their education.

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The Scholar Baller® Impact: Student Perspective

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Scholar Baller® Research Measures and Success Stories

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The NCAA Supports Scholar Baller®

“The Scholar-Baller Program, developed by Dr. Keith Harrison, is a well-conceived successful way to recognize and reward academic achievement by student-athletes. It speaks to the contemporary student-athletes in their language and in their context.”
~Dr. Myles Brand, Former NCAA President (July 2006)

“The Scholar-Baller Program is a creative and unique approach to providing academic support for student-athletes. The program resonates with student-athletes because it addresses the challenges of balancing participation in a sport and academic achievement in a contemporary fashion.”
~Dr. Bernard Franklin, NCAA Senior V.P. for Governance and Membership (July 2006)

Click here to read an article on Scholar Baller® published by the NCAA in 2006.

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