Academic Articles

Journal Articles and Book Chapters Authored by Members of the Scholar Baller® Leadership Team

All Scholar Baller® programs and initiatives are based on over fifteen years of scholarly research.  The Scholar Baller® Leadership Team has collectively authored well over 50 peer-review journal articles and book chapters on the following topics:

  • Diversity and social issues in sport
  • Perceptions and mass media representations of student-athletes in intercollegiate athletics
  • Student-athlete perceptions of career transition in sport
  • The impact of stereotype threat on academic and athletic performance
  • The impact of mentors (e.g., coaches, faculty, family) on student-athlete role identities
  • The role of gender identities and stereotype salience with academic performance
  • Environmental predictors of academic achievement
  • The impact of the Scholar Baller® Program


Click here to read a Scholar Baller® entry published in the International Encyclopedia of Education.

Click here to read a Special Issue of the Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education, which focuses on the intersection of race, culture and sport.  Dr. Harrison was the Guest Editor for this Special Issue.  Other members of the Scholar Baller® Leadership Team also authored or co-authored some of the articles in the Special Issue.

Additional research articles and book chapters are provided below.  These resources are for educational purposes only, and may not be distributed or reproduced without prior written permission from Scholar Baller®.


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