ESPN Covers the Scholar Baller® Program During the Softball World Series
ASU 2008 Softball VideosESPN in-game clip  Videos
Pictured left: 2008 ASU Softball scholar-ballers®

University of Akron Softball

Akron 1st Pitch VideosFirst Pitch delivered by Co-founder and President, Dr. Harrison  Videos  Videos
Pictured left: Pregame recognition of Akron softball

Short (But Powerful) Videos on Three Model Scholar-Ballers®

doc1 Videos

Dr. C. Keith Harrison
Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida
Scholar Baller® Co-Founder and President  Videos

SB Dr. Reese1 Videos

Dr. Renford Reese
Professor at Cal Poly Pomona  Videos


SB Dr. Gragg1 Videos

Dr. Derrick Gragg
Athletic Director at Eastern Michigan University  Videos




“Train for Life”  Scholar Baller® Video
Click here to view the short video, which was produced by former Full Sail University student Patrick Phoenix as part of an Independent Study project with Scholar Baller®

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