Academic Performance Recognition Incentives™

Scholar Baller® Academic Performance Recognition Incentives™ are a key component of the Scholar Baller® movement. These incentives are a continual work-in-progress due to a basic goal of providing cool and functional items to wear or use in recognition of one’s dual achievement on the playing field and in the classroom. When we talk of incentives we generally mean three core items: our now famous “SB Patch” which is typically worn on game jerseys, the Scholar Baller® hat, and an always in style Scholar Baller® T-shirt. We also produce sweatshirts, sweat suits, polo shirts, dress shirts and various other pieces of apparel, upon request.

SB Patch in Process 150x150 Academic Performance Recognition Incentives™
To learn more about the SB Patch, click here

The SB Patch was featured in ESPN The Magazine

Each of the incentive items can be produced with an official ThinkMan® or a ThinkWoman™ logo, in colors specific to the educational institution, and/or with a unique number or message to reflect a specific individual, year or sport. For T-shirts we can also produce a shirt that integrates Scholar Baller® logos and graphics with school logos, graphics, and slogans.

At present, Scholar Baller® closely oversees production of all of its incentive items to ensure a high standard of quality, to gauge current trends, and to make sure that only certified scholar-ballers® are given access to the products. Since Scholar Baller® is a non-profit organization, any proceeds after covering the cost of goods are used to further the Scholar Baller® movement.

New incentives will continue to be introduced on a regular basis. Should anyone have any requests, please email us with specifics and we will investigate what is possible.

No individual or organization is permitted to produce any product with a trademarked image, logo, slogan or other mark that belongs to Scholar Baller® I.M.A.G.E., LLC.  Any such unauthorized production is a violation of federal trademark laws.

Several colleges and universities have replicated and duplicated the Scholar Baller® Patch and other concepts created by Scholar Baller® without prior permission from Scholar Baller®.  Click here to learn about how several colleges and universities used the Scholar Baller® concept and trademarked logos to create their own academic recognition program.

Click here to read a short article by Dr. Renford Reese, Professor at Cal Poly Pomona, to learn more about the difference between the Scholar Baller® Academic Performance Recognition Program™ and the Dean’s List.

For more information, please send an email to

SB Hat Academic Performance Recognition Incentives™

A Scholar Baller® FlexFit hat in team-specific colors with the ThinkMan® graphic in the background. On the back of this hat is the school name.

SB Helmet Sticker Academic Performance Recognition Incentives™

This is a sample Scholar Baller® Helmet Decal, which can be adapted to match team colors.

Sample T Shirt Illinois State Academic Performance Recognition Incentives™

A T-shirt design produced for Illinois State University in recognition of scholar-ballers® on the football team.

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